January 11, 2002

Lindows - Linvapor - Vapordows - Laporware

Author: JT Smith

Dear Lindows.com Friend,

We thought you'd want to be kept informed of developments at
Lindows.com(TM) as we close out 2001 and head into 2002.

First off, I have to apologize for not releasing our Sneak Preview as
we talked about doing by the end of December. We're very close, but
unfortunately an issue came up. (For some screenshots of LindowsOS(TM)
in action see www.lindows.com/screenshots) 

We formed Lindows.com just 5 months ago with the intention of
bringing choice to the computing world. We can't claim the issue
hasn't slowed us down, but it won't deter us. I'd ask for a bit extra
patience during this time. 

A few of you have asked how you can get more involved and so we have
launched our Insider program. To signup go to www.lindows.com/signup
It's a way for those with the inclination to get more information and
insights into our company and to give us their assistance as we forge
ahead. We don't imagine this program is for everyone - just those who
care passionately about what we're doing and want to give us all the
assistance they can to help us succeed. 

We still plan on selling the first version of LindowsOS when we
release version 1.0 in the early part of 2002. It will be a modern,
affordable and feature rich operating system. With your patience and
support we can do it. 

Here's to a great 2002 with lots of choice! 

Michael Robertson 

CEO of Lindows.com 



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