March 24, 2004

Lindows moving into enterprise

Guest writes "Enterprise Assessment Kit Available Now to Speed Desktop Linux Evaluations

All-in-One Package of Software and
Diagnostic Tools Helps Enterprises Evaluate and Implement Migration

SAN DIEGO -- March 24, 2004 --
Lindows Inc. today unveiled the Desktop Linux Enterprise Assessment
Kit, available now for $149 at
An all-in-one tool designed to make evaluating an enterprise migration
strategy easier than ever, the assessment kit offers enterprises an
easy way to determine the right fit for desktop Linux within their
organization. Anyone looking to learn more about how desktop Linux
would be of benefit can now explore the interface of multiple versions
of LindowsOS, watch multimedia tutorials, experiment with software
applications, and test filetype and hardware compatibility, all from
one DVD disc.

The IT professionals of organizations interested in desktop Linux will
find the Desktop Linux Enterprise Assessment Kit provides a valuable
tool for investigating how the software can benefit their organization.
Multiple versions of the operating system have been placed onto a
single DVD to save these evaluators time and cost in determining which
version best fits their needs. A built-in diagnostic tool determines
Linux hardware compatibility, while the assessment kit also enables the
user to assess filetype compatibility with Microsoft Office file
formats, learn about the benefits of digital software delivery and
remote software updates, and become familiar with the LindowsOS

"We've worked with hardware manufacturers and other companies to put
together a tool that will help organizations do a thorough assessment
of where Linux is suitable for their computing needs," said Michael
Robertson, chief executive officer of Lindows, Inc. "This all-in-one
package has all the popular tools to familiarize themselves with state
of the art desktop Linux, Microsoft file compatibility as well as
hardware compatibility for their organization."

As part of using the Desktop Linux Enterprise Assessment Kit to
evaluate a possible migration strategy, users can also create
installation CDs of any of the software. The DVD includes more than 4
gigabytes of software, including four versions of LindowsOS for
evaluation purposes, as well as full-featured diagnostic tools and CNR
Express to experience one click digital software distribution and

The Desktop Linux Enterprise Assessment Kit includes the following
LindowsOS 4.5
LindowsOS Laptop Edition
LindowsDeveloper Edition
CNR Express
Diagnostic tools
Historical releases: LindowsOS 4.0, 3.0, and SPX

The Desktop Linux Enterprise Assessment Kit is available now at
for $149.

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For more information, please contact:
Kira Lee
Lindows, Inc.
858-587-6700 ext. 263

About Lindows, Inc.

Lindows, Inc. gives consumers the world's most
affordable choice in software, focusing on complete ease-of-use and
reliability. LindowsOS is an intuitive operating system that allows the
installation of thousands of applications with just one click.
LindowsOS 4.5
now offers SIP technology for free worldwide calling to other SIP
remote desktop sharing, and integrated websearch and translation tools
LindowsOS Laptop Edition (
is the first Linux-based operating system tailored specifically for
Those who are interested in becoming authorized resellers of LindowsOS
interested in selling computers pre-loaded with LindowsOS. LindowsOS is
currently offered in English (,
and Japanese ("



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