July 15, 2002

Lindows puts StarOffice 6.0 in Click-N-Run

SAN DIEGO -- July 15, 2002 -- Lindows.com, Inc. today announced the
addition of Sun's (NASDAQ: SUNW) StarOffice? 6.0 software, a
full-featured office productivity suite that runs on LindowsOS, to its
Click-N-Run Warehouse. StarOffice (www.lindows.com/staroffice ) is the
first commercial application to be added to the Click-N-Run Warehouse
(www.lindows.com/warehouse) and will help provide LindowsOS users a
complete business software solution. The Click-N-Run Warehouse provides
a one-stop, one-click venue for LindowsOS users to be able to add over
1,300 Open-Source and now commercial applications."We believe that people should pay no more than $99 for their general
computing software needs, and adding StarOffice to our Click-N-Run
Warehouse will provide our members with a comprehensive business
solution that is comparable in power with Microsoft Office but at a
fraction of the cost," said Michael Robertson, Chief Executive Officer
of Lindows.com, Inc. "Even though we are adding StarOffice, which
represents a $75 value, we are maintaining our $99 membership fee."

Effectively immediately, all Insiders and Full Members (users of
LindowsOS who sign-up for unlimited access to the Click-N-Run
Warehouse) will be able to download StarOffice as part of their annual
membership to the Click-N-Run Warehouse at www.lindows.com/warehouse.
Purchasers of Walmart.com computers running LindowsOS can upgrade their
trial membership to obtain StarOffice 6.0.

"We find the Click-N-Run concept extremely innovative, and Sun is proud
to now be part of the LindowsOS Warehouse," said Mike Rogers, vice
president and general manager for Desktop and StarOffice products at
Sun Microsystems. "Customers are increasingly looking for a
cost-effective desktop productivity alternative that is complete,
easy-to-use, and compatible with their Microsoft Office file formats.
StarOffice and LindowsOS together provide customers a real choice."

StarOffice 6.0 Features

StarOffice 6.0 comprises all vital office applications:

* StarOffice Writer, the word processing application
* StarOffice Calc, the spreadsheet application
* StarOffice Impress, the presentation program
* StarOffice Draw, the drawing program
* StarOffice Base, the data source management tool

Thanks to its intuitive menus and high level of user-friendliness,
StarOffice 6.0 represents a powerful, all-around solution for the
office and is fully compatible with other file formats. With
StarOffice, it is easy to manipulate files created with Microsoft
Office or Office XP applications and save them easily in their native
file format.

Some of the top new features in StarOffice 6.0 include Extensible
Markup Language (XML) file formats, which give users the
interoperability, portability and flexibility to create, manage and
access complex documents and Web pages; and improved Microsoft Office
interoperability. For example, for finance and accounting tasks,
StarOffice Calc offers rich functionality comparable to Microsoft
Excel. StarOffice 6.0 also provides integrated support of TrueType
fonts that enables font rendering and printing to be equivalent across
all platforms.

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About Lindows.com

Lindows.com is a consumer company that brings choice to computer users.
Lindows.com, Inc. was started by Michael Robertson, founder and former
CEO of MP3.com. LindowsOS is a modern, affordable, easy-to-use
operating system that allows users access to hundreds of applications
via the Click-N-Run? Warehouse. All applications in the Click-N-Run
Warehouse (www.lindows.com/warehouse) are licensed on a per-person or
family basis and can be downloaded, installed and run with just
one-mouse click. LindowsOS is presently available on LindowsOS
Certified Computers (www.lindows.com/walmart) being offered from
Lindows.com Builder partners (www.lindows.com/builders). The General
Release of LindowsOS, available presently for download and preview to
Lindows.com Insiders (www.lindows.com/signup), will be made available
later this year for those wishing to install and run LindowsOS on their
existing computer hardware. The General Release version will support a
wider range of computer hardware and includes unique features such as a
"Friendly-Install" alongside an existing Microsoft® Windows operating
system, a streamlined installation process which requires no computer
knowledge, and the ability to run a select set of "bridge"
Windows-compatible programs. For more information see

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