January 15, 2002

Lindows is soliciting free help for its defense against Microsoft

Author: JT Smith

"Dear Lindows.com Friend... Some of you have asked about information on the trademark dispute with Microsoft Corporation, so here's a quick update and even a way that you can help us if you are so inclined."Microsoft is complaining that our use of LindowsOS (TM) and Lindows.com (TM) will cause confusion between
our product and Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home.

We don't think people will confuse our products because they're very
different and that the true reason Microsoft is attacking us is
of what our product does and not because what it is named.

Also, we feel obligated to disclose to you that we were compelled to
disclose your email address to Microsoft during the discovery process
well as the content of many of your messages sent to us. We were not
happy about doing this, but we had little choice. We have received
assurances from Microsoft that they will not use or disclose your
address for any purpose beyond this case.

Here's how you can help. We are composing a list of the many hundreds
products named "Windows Something" or "Something Windows" or even
variations on the word windows, which are not from Microsoft. We know
there are many, many products that fit this characterization and we
could use your assistance to help us create this list. We are looking
for hardware products, software products, products for any operating
system and even operating systems themselves.

You can help us generate this list at http://www.lindows.com/list in
three different ways:

1. By submitting titles which can be added to our list by
out this simple http://www.lindows.com/lindows_home_list_form.php

2. Send in printed materials which use the term "window(s)"
generically such as software boxes or complete manuals to our
the older the better:

Lindows.com, Inc.
Attn: Legal Info
4350 La Jolla Village Drive Suite 450
San Diego, CA 92122

3. Email us at userpoll@lindows.com with any digital photos or
scanned images from such products that you may own.
Please note: We MUST receive these by 24th January 2002 to review
in time for inclusion in our legal case.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide us.

Michael Robertson

CEO of Lindows.com


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