April 14, 2004

Lindows takes a step in the right direction; changes name to Linspire

If I started a new automobile company, and called it Daverolet, and marketed my product as a replacement for Chevrolet, that would be dishonest and shady. And, if I made a distro, marketed it as a replacement for Windows, and called it Dindows, that would be the exact same thing. There is no difference, and it smacks of used-car salesmanship techniques. I have always been nauseated to see Lindows show up in my pending stories queue.

The name Lindows is lame. It was when they first started using it, and it still is today. Even without the silly court battles about whether or not Microsoft is trying to "crush" Linux by preventing Lindows from using that name - it's still a "lame name" and today's announcement that the name is starting to change comes as welcome news to your editor. In fact, I couldn't be happier.

Link: LXer

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