June 4, 2002

Lindows.com delivers first 'Broadband OS,' LindowsOS SPX

SAN DIEGO -June 4, 2002- Lindows.com, Inc. (www.lindows.com) today
announced LindowsOS SPX, the first "Broadband OS" -- an operating
system-- built to take full advantage of broadband technology.
LindowsOS SPX is designed to fully utilize the world of tomorrow, where
Internet connectivity is bountiful and cheap, and computers are
ubiquitous. For tomorrow's computing needs, computer users need a
computing solution that's affordable and beneficial, a system where
software is digitally transmitted, easy to deploy and highly
customizable. Computing needs to be effortless, so people spend less
time working on computers and more time having computers work for them,
LindowsOS SPX, the broadband operating system, does all of this.

LindowsOS SPX is the first operating system sold with a membership
component creating an elegant, affordable and easy-to-use solution to
serve the new demands of broadband users.

"There's a whole new class of computer users being cultivated by the
combination of broadband and low-cost PCs. LindowsOS SPX is the first
OS product designed to cater to their needs," stated Michael Robertson,
Chief Executive Officer of Lindows.com, Inc. "Unlike legacy operating
systems, LindowsOS SPX includes a membership component which means for
one affordable price the user receives a complete computing solution,
including the OS, and an entire library of quality software which they
can digitally access and tailor to their computing needs."

LindowsOS SPX provides an advanced digital experience at an affordable
price. Applications can all be digitally downloaded and installed at
the click of a mouse. Individual machines can be customized quickly and

Lindows.com pricing follows the broadband model - just as any broadband
users can visit any web site, a LindowsOS user can download and install
any application they need from the Lindows.com Click-N-Run
(www.lindows.com/clicknrun) Warehouse.

This new era of computing, in which applications are delivered
digitally to any broadband connected computer, is dynamic and instant.
Under the new broadband model, LindowsOS will come bundled with access
to a fully-stocked library of applications. The Click-N-Run Warehouse,
currently accessible to Lindows.com Insiders (www.lindows.com/signup),
holds hundreds of applications and programs, all free to Insiders
running LindowsOS SPX.

Insiders, who are the first to receive Lindows.com products, are a
select group who guides Lindows.com's direction with their feedback. To
learn how to join the Insider program, visit www.lindows.com/signup.

The final version of LindowsOS will go on sale later this year for
one-third of the cost of a comparable Microsoft offering. For more
information see www.lindows.com/products.

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About Sneak Previews

Lindows.com has released three Sneak Previews to their Insiders
www.lindows.com/signup. The Sneak Previews are not fully complete
products, but showcase many of the unique features such as a
"Friendly-Install" alongside an existing Microsoft Windows operating
system and Click-N-Run (www.lindows.com/clicknrun) a feature that
allows users to download and install high-quality software programs
with one-click.

About Lindows.com, Inc.

Lindows.com is a consumer company that brings choice to computer users.
Lindows.com, Inc. uses the latest technology to create affordable,
stable, user-friendly products. Lindows.com, Inc. was started by
Michael Robertson, founder and former CEO of MP3.com. At the core of
Lindows.com is a new operating system called LindowsOS, a modern,
affordable, easy-to-use operating system with Click-N-Run
(www.lindows.com/clicknrun), a feature that allows users to download
high-quality software with one-click of their mouse.

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