January 15, 2004

LindowsOS PCs for Sale in 864 Elektra Stores

Groupo Elektra, Mexico's leading specialty retailer, has become the
first retailer in Mexico's history to sell desktop Linux on retail shelves. Elektra has 864 stores throughout Latin America. To date, 27,000 units
have been shipped to Elektra stores during the pre-launch period. Residents of Mexico can find their closest store location by

"Elektra has delivered a compelling offer to their customers," said Michael Robertson, chief executive officer of Lindows.com Inc. "More than 25,000
computers have already been shipped in preparation for expected demand for affordable, Linux-powered computers in countries such as Mexico."

Elektra sells the PC Elektra, a complete, affordable computer system pre-loaded with LindowsEspanol (http://www.lindows.com/espanol), at a price point
accessible for record numbers of Mexican consumers. The PC Elektra can be purchased for 5999 pesos ($600USD), or on a rent-to-own program for 1,250
pesos ($12.50 USD) per week. Elektra, who offers financial services as well, makes every effort to put computers in homes all over Mexico by offering
these different pricing structures. Elektra also recognizes that using Linux on the desktop saves hundreds of dollars for their customers as opposed
to selling them Microsoft-bundled hardware.

Link: hispanicbusiness.com

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