June 3, 2002

LindowsOS SPX is now available to Insiders


Thanks for all the support you have provided since Lindows.com was
started. Your testing, suggestions and guidance have really helped us
grow. Keep the dialog flowing on the Insider's Forum> because we follow the discussions and
them to heart.
From Michael Robertson Sun Jun 2 21:51:28 2002
From: "Michael Robertson"
To: "Lindows.com Insiders"
Subject: Lindows.com: LindowsOS SPX is now available to Insiders!
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 21:51:28 -0700

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Thanks for all the support you have provided since Lindows.com was
started. Your testing, suggestions and guidance have really helped us
grow. Keep the dialog flowing on the Insider's Forum
because we follow the discussions and
them to heart.

This coming week, we'll be announcing LindowsOS SPX to the world.
However, we wanted to make sure you knew about this next Sneak
first and had a chance to download it before the rest of the world
knows about it. Also, if you have some time to help out, we want to
for your assistance in an important area which I'll bring up later,
first, let's talk about SPX.

SPX - Moving computing to a new era!

SPX is significant because it moves us closer to our goal of
and seamlessly combining the operating system with software
applications. I think we've all been frustrated with the disconnect
between the operating system and programs which leads to countless
dollars spent on software and days spent installing, configuring, and
registering the software you need to put your computer to work. It
shouldn't be that hard or expensive! We want to move computing to an
where instead of buying an operating system and individual programs
separately, everything you'll need comes as one elegant package which
you can quickly tailor and customize to your own tastes and needs.

Along with SPX, we're also unveiling the Click-N-Run Warehouse
Membership program. As an Insider, you have automatically been
our highest membership level. This membership and LindowsOS' modular
design means you can quickly and affordably add products from our
on-line catalog of software to your computer. All Click-N-Run
programs are available at no cost to members. We're in the process of
further stocking our Warehouse with hundreds of neatly
categorized, quality programs.

Next to each product, you'll find the Click-N-Run icon
which means a
mouse click will download, install and configure the product for use
your own computer. Complete digital delivery makes the process fast.
Automatic configuration and installation will prove to be a huge time
saver over the traditional software installation process. Also,
all the software is available as part of our membership, it's
for any budget. We're making every effort to include a wide range of
titles in the Warehouse including many of the well known products

, The Gimp

, and hundreds more.

As I mentioned earlier, we could use your help to put the finishing
touches on the Warehouse. Because there are hundreds of titles, we
yet to fully test the majority of them. We could use some volunteers
Click-N-Run products and give us their input on the success and
of each product. We'll use those rankings to help guide LindowsOS
to the highest quality programs in the future.

If you're interested in assisting us on verifying the Warehouse
inventory, here's what you do.

1) Download and install LindowsOS SPX from your my.lindows.com

2) Using the Web Browser in LindowOS, browse the
Warehouse and Click-N-Run any
that interest you. (You can also browse and install applications via
the Click-N-Run application on your LindowsOS desktop, but the Hot
link, mentioned below, will only work from Warehouse when using the

3) After you've installed and run the program in Step 2, click on the
hidden verify link located just to the right of the product name.
diagram below.) Clicking this hidden "hot spot" on the product page
will open a window where you can provide input on your success (or
thereof) and overall impressions of the product.

We'll be adding thousands of products to the Warehouse over the next
several days, so there should be plenty of interesting products which
need verified. (NOTE: Once we have a sufficient number of
for a given product, the hidden verify link will stop working.)

Whether you are able to help us verify Warehouse products or not, we
hope you try SPX and use Click-N-Run. We hope you'll be as confident
we are that this is how computing will get done in the future because
the ease of use, low cost and diversity.

There are many, many other improvements in SPX besides the
membership. Many things that didn't work in older versions, now do,
CDR and Printing. Plus there are a huge number of overall
in many of the basic functions like web browsing and email. We'll
about more of these in the future, but right now we hope you'll give
a try and share your feedback with us. Please keep in mind that SPX
still a "Sneak Preview" and the same precautions still apply, such as
only using it on a spare machine, not using it with critical data
has not been backed up, and so on.

Thanks for your continued support!

Michael Robertson
CEO, Lindows.com

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