Lineo, Metro Link provide Micro-X solution for Embedix SDK


Author: JT Smith

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
May 15, 2001 – Metro Link announced today a licensing agreement with Lineo,
Inc. under which Lineo will provide their customers with Metro Link’s new
Micro-X Complete! Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Lineo embedded
Linux-based development tool chain, Embedix SDK. Lineo and Metro
Link will work together to provide the Micro-X Complete! SDK as a seamless
add-on technology to an Embedix SDK solution.
Micro-X Complete!
SDK is a combination of Metro-X, mission-critical X server, and
Micro-X, standards-based embedded X server. The SDK contains Metro
Link’s new “MicroScope” utility that runs with Metro-X on a
developer’s host computer to analyze application requirements for a Micro-X
graphics implementation on the target system, utilizing the same X Window
System. Developers will be able to use Micro-X’s small footprint to perform
2D/3D graphics, video-in-a-window and MPEG playback running Embedix on
their set-top box, web pad, residential gateway, or other next generation
Internet appliance. Developers will have the option of selecting from
multiple Micro-X implementations or work with Metro Link to build a custom
configured, reduced footprint X server, which includes five custom builds.

“Lineo is pleased
to be a channel reseller of Micro-X Complete!,” said Bryan Sparks,
Lineo President and CEO. “OEMs desire an SDK that will build the
multimedia applications found in today’s web pads, set top boxes and other
smart network devices. The Micro-X Complete! SDK is a powerful tool that
will enable developers to build the smart device of the future.”

Based on the embedded application’s requirements, Micro-X is custom configured
to the smallest size possible when implemented. This results in the smallest
possible memory footprint for the application, ready for deployment to
the developer’s target system running x86 or PowerPC.

“Metro Link’s
Micro-X Complete! is the perfect fit for Lineo. Developers will be able
to use our X server to design the latest embedded products,” said
Morgan Von Essen, Metro Link President and CEO. “We look forward
to supporting Lineo customers with the smallest standards-based graphics
solution possible for their embedded applications.”

About Metro Link,
Metro Link, Inc. provides graphics for embedded Linux and real-time operating
systems; and enables UPnP devices to connect with appliances such as set-top
boxes, Internet appliances and consumer electronics. Metro Link’s middleware
products include a full suite of X Window System software used by business-critical
and mission-critical clients. X.Org, the worldwide X Window System consortium,
has contracted with Metro Link to maintain and enhance the X Window System
source code. To learn more, visit or contact Robert
Zinn at 954-660-2440 or

About Lineo, Inc.
Lineo, Inc. provides embedded systems, real time and high availability
solutions that include software, hardware reference designs and professional
services. Lineo’s solutions allow OEMs to create devices and systems that
interact with the Internet while helping OEMs to reduce system requirements,
per-unit costs and time-to-market. Contact Lineo at
Rhett Glauser at 801-426-5001 or

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