November 28, 2003

Lineox Inc. releases Lineox Linux LIFF

Raimo Koski writes
"Lineox Inc. releases Lineox Linux LIFF - The Complete Linux Document Collection and Server

Lineox Inc, a company dedicated to Linux products, consulting and education, has today released Lineox LIFF, which is a completely new kind of documentation product. Lineox LIFF combines innovatively many techniques to make it the best Linux documentation product in the market today. The product can be downloaded as a CD-ROM image from and bought as a CD-R disk.

This unique CD-ROM contains almost 1.8GB of files and can be read with Linux kernel 2.4.14 or later, which support transparent CD-ROM file system compression. The disk contains about 900MB of documentation files including all Linux Documentation Project books and HOWTO documents. The disk also contains all program documentation of soon to be released Lineox Enterprise Linux, man and info pages converted to HTML format, and all recent Red Hat and Mandrake manuals.

This huge document collection is indexed and if Lineox LIFF is installed as an add-on to a web server, the documents can be searched in seconds depending on server and network speed. The search can be restricted to all or some documents of a certain category or all documents on Lineox LIFF.

When Lineox LIFF is installed on a web server, it can be used from any operating system and browser with network connection. LIFF is installed on, so the on-line version can be tried before purchasing or downloading Lineox LIFF.

Lineox LIFF offers three different installation options. It can be installed as a normal hard disk installation requiring almost 1.8GB of hard disk space. CD-ROM image file installation requires only about 690MB of hard disk space because the image file contains compressed CD-ROM file system. The third option actually offers a possibility to regain up to about 500MB of hard disk space because all the files required by LIFF are accessed from CD-ROM and optionally the files which are the same on hard disk can be removed and replaced with links to CD-ROM.

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