Linkerd 2.0: Service Ops for You and Me


In a microservices environment the service owner writes the code as well as increasingly is also responsible for keeping the service(s) they wrote up and running. We call that, very fittingly, service ops. To me, the service ops idea is really a kind of a subset of the appops moniker I’m subscribing to and advocating for. Now, how does that look like from a practical perspective?

With the cloud native appops maturity model in mind you start off with ensuring that you have all your code and configuration in a repo (Git, usually, nowadays). Then you want to have all your container images in a secure, private container registry such as Quay, for example. You make sure you have a proper CI/CD pipeline in place, producing said container images in a reproducible manner. Next, you’ll likely be using Kubernetes, the de-facto industry standard for orchestrating containers. …

Linkerd 2.0 helps you at this stage of the evolution. It is built with the Unix philosophy in mind, that is, it focuses on core service mesh responsibilities: system-wide telemetry, security, and reliability; here’s what’s in the box:

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