June 26, 2002

Linktivity WebDemo 2.0 introduces support for Red Hat Linux

Linktivity, a division of SpartaCom Technologies Inc., today announced the Red Hat Linux version of its versatile WebDemo 2.0 software. The new version will extend real-time, Web-based conferencing and collaboration capabilities to Linux servers, allowing users to host online meetings while taking advantage of Red Hat's powerful Linux environment.
"The Red Hat Linux operating system is one of the best in the industry. With WebDemo now supporting the system, companies will have the power to host meetings in real-time while having full access to the many other user benefits of Red Hat Linux," said Scott S. Moule, Linktivity's chief executive officer. "The ability to conference and collaborate via the Internet has become a new way of communicating for many companies. With the release of WebDemo on Red Hat Linux, we're opening the door for online collaboration capabilities for Linux customers."

"Red Hat is pleased that Linktivity has chosen to support Red Hat Linux for its conferencing and collaboration technologies," said Mike Evans, Red Hat Vice President of Business Development. "The availability of applications like WebDemo 2.0 server software continue to reinforce that enterprises can have the applications that they need to run their businesses, while taking advantage of the performance and cost advantages of Red Hat Linux."

WebDemo 2.0 enables businesses seeking online conferencing and e-support services to collaborate using only an Internet browser and Web connection. The system includes electronic white boarding, co-browsing and other features designed to improve communication between remote users in real-time.

The powerful features of the new Red Hat Linux-based version include:


Desktop and Application Sharing and Broadcast - Allows the presenter to display and collaborate any application on any desktop.

Voice and Keyboard Chat - Allows participants to conduct voice and keyboard chatting and interaction through their browser. ·
File Broadcast - Allows the presenter of a WebDemo session to broadcast files to any or all attendees. As a result, files of any type can be distributed quickly to all meeting participants.

Record and Playback - Web sessions can be saved and archived, enabling participants to re-play a session or make it available to absentees. The new feature will allow the host to record any component of the session, including, Viewport, voice, or keyboard chat.

Microsoft Outlook Integration - Allows a meeting to be scheduled in Outlook from an email produced by WebDemo. Sent by the meeting presenter, sessions are automatically scheduled and updated on the attendees Outlook calendar. The new integration feature also enables names and email addresses to be imported from Outlook or Outlook Express address books to the WebDemo address book.
True Color Representation - Now true color representation is selectable between 256 colors, High Color (16-bit), and True Color 24-bit) for added enhancement to the Viewport. This is an excellent feature for advertising and marketing professionals who place a premium on the creative component of their presentations. Presentations immediately gain more clarity and accuracy with the color added feature.

WebDemo 2.0 on Red Hat Linux is available immediately. For more information, call 800-809-1245 or visit www.linktivity.com to take a guided tour of WebDemo.

About Linktivity
Linktivity, a division of SpartaCom Technologies Inc., provides server-based communications and control products that enable person-to-person interactions through a browser window. Linktivity products include WebDemo, a Web-based, real-time conferencing-and-collaboration software tool, and WebInteractive, a real-time software tool that gives support professionals an efficient way to manage and resolve online support requirements for personal computers. For more information, visit www.linktivity.com.


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