February 16, 2006

Linspire Outsells Windows 4 to 1.

GigabytesNetwork Webmaster writes "Sioux Falls, SD; February 16, 2006; Linspire Outsells Windows 4 to 1. Laptop sales figures take small business owner by surprise.

The final tally is in and GigabytesNetwork Linspire Laptop sales were 4 times higher than Gigabytes Computer Store's Windows Laptop sales for the 2005 Christmas season.

"The figures truly surprised us," said Josh Tordsen owner of Gigabytes Computer Store. "We have been kept quite busy with all the Christmas laptop orders on both the Windows and Linspire side but I never would have foreseen this."

Mr. Tordsen attributes the success in part to the recent release of the latest Linspire version in late October. "Without it, we wouldn't even had a laptop to offer," he adds, "Linspire is just a great operating system all around, but the added hardware support in the latest release is what made it possible."

GigabytesNetwork carries a wide variety of Linspire computers in its online store including Linspire workstations, starter systems, fileservers and media centers. These are unique not only in the fact that certain configurations (such as the media center and fileservers) have never been offered as a production Linspire machine before, but also in the fact that they all carry a standard Lifetime Warranty.

"We stand behind what we build. Which is why all of our desktop systems and servers carry Lifetime Warranties. We build them with better parts from reputable manufacturers and are able to offer this kind of warranty."

The Linspire Laptops and Lifetime Warranty Systems are available in the on-line store at GigabytesNetwork (www.gigabytesnetwork.com). Prices start at $299 for systems and $699 for laptops."

Link: linspirenetwork.com


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