November 3, 2003

Linus Fields Dev Questions On the Future of Linux

Last month, Geekcruises' Linux Lunacy cruise to Alaska proved that Linux and Open Source are hot enough topics to even warm up Northern waters. The
feature of the trip was a candid Q&A with Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Courtesy of GeekCruises Capt. Neil Bauman and Senior Editor of Linux Journal
Doc Searles, OET brings our readers an extended transcript of Linus' shipboard Q&A, where he responds to Linux dev questions on the future of Linux,
including the status of Linux 2.6, impacts from increasing corporate (and vendor) adoption, an ever-growing kernel, and even on the pending lawsuit
from SCO.

Geekcruises Capt. Neil Bauman gets the ball rolling in our extended transcript.



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