November 24, 2003

Linus & the Lunatics, Part I

This article series is transcriptions of two talks given on the latest Linux Lunacy Geek Cruise,
which occured this past September. For background details, check out the three-part report on the whole cruise; a link to the next part is located
at the end of the first two installments.

The first talk, given at sea somewhere between Sitka and Ketchican off the coast of Alaska, was Linus' second annual progress report on the kernel.
Part I (below) of this article sereis is the prepared part of Linus' talk. It includes the slides and screen projections he used to illustrate his
points. Part II is the transciption of the much longer Q&A that followed. Part III is an excerpt from a meeting between about 30 Linux Lunatics and 50
members of the Victoria Linux Users Group. Linus plays a leading role in that one, as does kernel developer Ted Ts'o.

These transcriptions have been edited lightly and only for clarity. So listen with your ears and keep an open mind. If you do, I bet you'll learn even
more than you already know about why Linux and the world that increasingly depends on it continue to adapt so well to each other.



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