November 26, 2003

Linus & the Lunatics, Part III

Part 1 of this series included a transcript of the talk given by Linus, based around a slide presentation. In Part II, he participated in a Q&A
session after his presentation. Here in Part 3, Linus and friends hold a Q&A with the Victoria Linux Users Group in Victoria, BC.

We were met at the dock by our VLUG hosts and shown the town before we gathered in a lecture hall at the University of Victoria. There were 30
Lunatics and 50 VLUGers. A bunch of the visitors were assembled on a line of chairs on stage. Carl Constantine, VLUG President & Captain, ran the
meeting. Barbara Irwin presented Linus with a lifetime VLUG membership card and invited him back to Victoria to take advantage of LUG membership
discounts around town. Barbara's own write-up on the event is here.

My recording unfortunately began well after the beginning of the event, and it only got a clear recording of Linus and Ted, which should be plenty.



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