January 20, 2004

Linus Torvalds Q&A

LINUX creator Linus Torvalds spoke to Australian IT during his visit to Adelaide this week for Linux.conf.au, his second after attending last year's
conference in Perth.

What made you come to Australia two years in a row?

It's summer here, and it's winter in California (laughs). But literally, there are only two conferences I go to anymore, because I like the technical
ones, and the Australian one, as far I can tell.. it's not organised in the commercial conference kind of sense. But that just means it's a lot more
relaxed, the people just talk about technology, they don't try to sell stuff. And these days in the US it's unheard of, you can't make money with this
kind of conference, so I go to the Australian one and I go to one in Canada (Ottawa Linux Symposium).

Link: australianit.news.com.au


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