February 3, 2001

Linus wants revision to kernel naming scheme

Author: JT Smith

Don't worry, it's humorfrom Segfault: "In a recent email to the kernel developer's list, Linus Torvalds announced that he has decided to scrap
the old way of naming kernel releases in favor of a new, more Microsoft-like approach.

Beginning with the new 2.4.2 kernel, the new naming scheme will go into effect. Kernel 2.4.2, for
example, will be known as Linux 3005. Linus' vision for moving forward, in keeping with the new 3005
designator, would be (for 2.4.3) Linux NextMillenium, (for 2.4.4) Linux MilleniumAfterThat, (for 2.4.5)
Linux NextMilleniumAfterThat."


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