May 7, 2005

Linus: you gentle people sort it out

Straight from the LKML: Linus's latest missive:

You know the drill.

git trees, patches, tar-balls, you name it. I've still not made a shortlog
script, and right now I'm too tired to generate the shortlog from the full
log, so you can either find it all in the git archives, or just parse down
the full log in ChangeLog-2.6.12-rc4 to a more manageable format.

Both the full log and the diffstat are too big for the mailing list to
accept, so I'll not spam your mailboxes.

But you could just use gitweb, in case you haven't noticed already. So
point your browsers at and see what you find out
that way.

What's changed? ia64, arm, UML, ppc64, jfs, cifs updates. And drivers. And
tons of small stuff all over.

Me, I'm off for a week of vacationing. Flee the country, like I usually do
after releases. Leave you suckers^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hgentle people to test it
all out.


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