August 4, 2001

Linux 10th anniversary picnic/BBQ, Aug 25 in Sunnyvale, California.

Author: JT Smith

Ian Kluft writes, "The `Linux10` Linux 10th anniversary picnic and BBQ will be held on
Saturday, August 25 from 11AM to 6PM at Sunnyvale Baylands Park in
Sunnyvale, California. Details and directions can be found at If you can attend,
please use the RSVP form
so the organizers know how much food and soft drinks to provide
(only provided if you RSVP.)"

"Linux10 is being organized as a family event - bring the kids. In support of that goal, it is also a no-media event. Linux and Open Source enthusiasts who work for the media may attend and participate while off-duty.

"Linux10 will gladly link to other Linux 10th anniversary events. Let us know the URLs for those events."


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