January 24, 2002


Author: JT Smith

David Weinehall: "Seems like objections never arise before I declare my intent to
make a final release. Then again, this caused some very important
fixes (and some less so) to make it into the upcoming 2.0.40.
Again, if you find any reason for not releasing 2.0.40 yet, or
something that you consider worth including in 2.0.40, please
speak up as soon as possible."
Download: http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.0/testing/patch-2.0.40-rc2.gz

o       Fix ICMP bug                            (David S. Miller)
o       Add autodetection for wd1002s-wx2       (Paul, who appears to
        in the xd-driver                         have no last name =])
o       Fix path MTU discovery for              (Kirk Petersen)
        transparent TCP sockets
o       Revert array-size change in             (me, on advise from
        include/linux/module.h                   Jari Ruusu)
o       Remove workaround for gcc-2.4.5         (Adrian Bunk)
        | This is basically a whitespace-
        | change, since it removes code
        | inside an #ifdef #endif clause


  • Linux
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