June 19, 2001

Linux 2.2.20pre4

Author: JT Smith

No new insights from guru Alan Cox, just a list of the latest fixes.
o        Fix small corruption bug in 82596               (Andries Brouwer)
o        Fix usb printer probing                                 (Pete Zaitcev)
o        Fix swapon/procfs race                          (Paul Menage)
o        Handle ide dma bug in the CS5530                (Mark Lord)
o        Backport 2.4 ipv6 neighbour discovery changes   (Dave Miller)
o        FIx sock_wmalloc error handling                         (Dave Miller)
o        Enter quickack mode for out of window TCP data  (Andi Kleen)
o        Fix Established v SYN-ACK TCP state error       (Alexey Kuznetsov)
o        Sparc updates, ptrace changes etc               (Dave Miller)
o        Fix wrong printk in vdolive masq                (Keitaro Yosimura)
o        Fix core dump handling bugs in 2.2              (Al Viro)
o        Update hdlc and synclink drivers                (Paul Fulghum)
o        Update netlink help texts                       (Magnus Damm)
o        Fix rtl8139 keeping files open                  (Andrew Morton)
o        Further sk98 driver updates. fix wrong license  (Mirko Lindner)
         text in files
o        Jonathan Woithe has moved                       (Jonathan Woithe)
o        Update cpqarray driver                          (Charles White)
o        Update cciss driver                             (Charles White)
o        Don't delete directories on an fs that reports  (Ingo Oeser)
         then 0 size when doing distclean
o        Add support for the 2.4 boot extensions to 2.2  (H Peter Anvin)
o        Fix nfs cache locking corruption on SMP                 (Craig Hagan)
o        Add missing check to cdrom readaudio ioctl      (Jani Jaakkola)
o        Fix refclock build with newer gcc               (Jari Ruusu)
o        koi8-r fixes                                    (Andy Rysin)
o        Spelling fixes for documentation                (Andries Brouwer)


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