November 20, 2000

Linux 2.4.0-test11

Author: JT Smith

Linus Torvalds has posted another update to the kernel.
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 18:19:33 -0800 (PST)
                From: Linus Torvalds
                To: Kernel Mailing List
                Subject: Linux 2.4.0-test11
                Ok, test11 is out there. The most noticeable fixes since pre7 are the
                Athlon lockup fix, the PCI routing handling, and getting the Joliet stuff
                right for iso9660.
                 - final:
                    - Patrick Mochel: export the ACPI facs table in /proc too
                    - Brian Gerst: Video4Linux cleanup (named initializers)
                    - me: only use irq13 for FP errors for external FPU's. This
                      fixes the Atlon FP exception lockups.
                    - me: add a new intel signature to the PIRQ table matching logic.
                      Make the matching match both reported and actual device ID (with a
                      preference for the reported). Fixes PCMCIA on NEC Versa laptops.
                    - iso9660: fix Joliet filename argument order bug introduced in pre7
                    - Highmem: p_page -> b_page typo.
                    - me: don't allow pending FPU exceptions without an FPU context..
                 - pre7:
                    - Kai Germaschewski: more ISDN cleanups and small fixes.
                    - Al Viro: fix ntfs_new_inode() that he broke. Cleanups.
                    - various: handle !CONFIG_HOTPLUG properly
                    - David Miller: sparc and networking
                    - me: more iso9660 fixes.
                    - Neil Brown: fix rd and RAID on highmem machines
                    - Vojtech Pavlik: input driver fixes
                    - David Woodhouse: module unload races - up_and_exit()
                 - pre6:
                    - Intel: start to add Pentium IV specific stuff (128-byte cacheline
                    - David Miller: search-and-destroy places that forget to mark us
                      running after removing us from a wait-queue.
                    - me: NFS client write-back ref-counting SMP instability.
                    - me: fix up non-exclusive waiters
                    - Trond Myklebust: Be more careful about SMP in NFS and RPC code
                    - Trond Myklebust: inode attribute update race fix
                    - Charles White: don't do unaligned accesses in cpqarray driver.
                    - Jeff Garzik: continued driver cleanup and fixes
                    - Peter Anvin: integrate more of the Intel patches.
                    - Robert Love: add i815 signature to the intel AGP support
                    - Rik Faith: DRM update to make it easier to sync up 2.2.x
                    - David Woodhouse: make old 16-bit pcmcia controllers work
                      again (ie i82365 and TCIC)
                 - pre5:
                    - Rasmus Andersen: add proper "" for sound drivers
                    - David Miller: sparc64 and networking updates
                    - David Trcka: MOXA numbering starts from 0, not 1.
                    - Jeff Garzik: sysctl.h standalone
                    - Dag Brattli: IrDA finishing touches
                    - Randy Dunlap: USB fixes
                    - Gerd Knorr: big bttv update
                    - Peter Anvin: x86 capabilities cleanup
                    - Stephen Rothwell: apm initcall fix - smp poweroff should work
                    - Andrew Morton: setscheduler() spinlock ordering fix
                    - Stephen Rothwell: directory notification documentation
                    - Petr Vandrovec: ncpfs capabilities check cleanup
                    - David Woodhouse: fix jffs to use generic isxxxx() library
                    - Chris Swiedler: oom_kill selection fix
                    - Jens Axboe: re-merge after sleeping in ll_rw_block.
                    - Randy Dunlap: USB updates (pegasus and ftdi_sio)
                    - Kai Germaschewski: ISDN ppp header compression fixed
                 - pre4:
                    - Andrea Arcangeli: SMP scheduler memory barrier fixup
                    - Richard Henderson: fix alpha semaphores and spinlock bugs.
                    - Richard Henderson: clean up the file from hell: "xor.c"
                 - pre3:
                    - James Simmons: vgacon "printk()" deadlock with global irq lock.
                    - don't poke blanked console on console output
                    - Ching-Ling: get channels right on ALI audio driver
                    - Dag Brattli and Jean Tourrilhes: big IrDA update
                    - Paul Mackerras: PPC updates
                    - Randy Dunlap: USB ID table support, LEDs with usbkbd, belkin
                      serial converter.
                    - Jeff Garzik: pcnet32 and lance net driver fix/cleanup
                    - Mikael Pettersson: clean up x86 ELF_PLATFORM
                    - Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz: sound and drm driver init fixes and
                    - Al Viro: Jeff missed some kmap()'s. sysctl cleanup
                    - Kai Germaschewski: ISDN updates
                    - Alan Cox: SCSI driver NULL ptr checks
                    - David Miller: networking updates, exclusive waitqueues nest properly,
                      SMP i_shared_lock/page_table_lock lock order fix.
                 - pre2:
                    - Stephen Rothwell: directory notify could return with the lock held
                    - Richard Henderson: CLOCKS_PER_SEC on alpha.
                    - Jeff Garzik: ramfs and highmem: kmap() the page to clear it
                    - Asit Mallick: enable the APIC in the official order
                    - Neil Brown: avoid rd deadlock on io_request_lock by using a
                      private rd-request function. This also avoids unnecessary
                      request merging at this level.
                    - Ben LaHaise: vmalloc threadign and overflow fix
                    - Randy Dunlap: USB updates (plusb driver). PCI cacheline size.
                    - Neil Brown: fix a raid1 on top of lvm bug that crept in in pre1
                    - Alan Cox: various (Athlon mmx copy, NULL ptr checks for
                      scsi_register etc).
                    - Al Viro: fix /proc permission check security hole.
                    - Can-Ru Yeou: SiS301 fbcon driver
                    - Andrew Morton: NMI oopser and kernel page fault punch through
                      both console_lock and timerlist_lock to make sure it prints out..
                    - Jeff Garzik: clean up "kmap()" return type (it returns a kernel
                      virtual address, ie a "void *").
                    - Jeff Garzik: network driver docs, various one-liners.
                    - David Miller: add generic "special" flag to page flags, to be
                      used by architectures as they see fit. Like keeping track of
                      cache coherency issues.
                    - David Miller: sparc64 updates, make sparc32 boot again
                    - Davdi Millner: spel "synchronous" correctly
                    - David Miller: networking - fix some bridge issues, and correct
                      IPv6 sysctl entries.
                    - Dan Aloni: make fork.c use proper macro rather than doing
                      get_exec_domain() by hand.
                 - pre1:
                    - me: make PCMCIA work even in the absense of PCI irq's
                    - me: add irq mapping capabilities for Cyrix southbridges
                    - me: make IBMMCA compile right as a module
                    - me: uhhuh. Major atomic-PTE SMP race boo-boo. Fixed.
                    - Andrea Arkangeli: don't allow people to set security-conscious
                      bits in mxcsr through ptrace SETFPXREGS.
                    - Jürgen Fischer: aha152x update
                    - Andrew Morton, Trond Myklebust: file locking fixes
                    - me: TLB invalidate race with highmem
                    - Paul Fulghum: synclink/n_hdlc driver updates
                    - David Miller: export sysctl_jiffies, and have the proper no-sysctl
                      version handy
                    - Neil Brown: RAID driver deadlock and nsfd read access to
                      execute-only files fix
                    - Keith Owens: clean up module information passing, remove
                    - Jeff Garzik: network (and other) driver fixes and cleanups
                    - Andrea Arkangeli: scheduler cleanup.
                    - Ching-Ling Li: fix ALi sound driver memory leak
                    - Anton Altaparmakov: upcase fix for NTFS
                    - Thomas Woller: CS4281 audio update


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