September 23, 2001

Linux 2.4.10-pre14 released

Author: JT Smith

From LWN, the -pre14 release of Linux 2.4.10 has been released. Changes are in the extended copy.
 - Richard Gooch: devfs update
 - Andrea Arcangeli: clean up/fix ramdisk handling now that it's in page cache
 - Al Viro: follow up the above with initrd cleanups
 - Keith Owens: get rid of drivers/scsi/53c700-mem.c file
 - Trond Myklebust: RPC over TCP race fix
 - Greg KH: USB update (ohci understands USB_ZERO_PACKET)
 - me: clean up reference bit handling, fix silly GFP_ATOMIC allocation bug

 - Manfred Spraul: /proc/pid/maps cleanup (and bugfix for non-x86)
 - Al Viro: "block device fs" - cleanup of page cache handling
 - Hugh Dickins: VM/shmem cleanups and swap search speedup
 - David Miller: sparc updates, soc driver typo fix, net updates
 - Jeff Garzik: network driver updates (dl2k, yellowfin and tulip)
 - Neil Brown: knfsd cleanups and fixues
 - Ben LaHaise: zap_page_range merge from -ac

 - Alan Cox: much more merging
 - Pete Zaitcev: ymfpci race fixes
 - Andrea Arkangeli: VM race fix and OOM tweak.
 - Arjan Van de Ven: merge RH kernel fixes
 - Andi Kleen: use more readable 'likely()/unlikely()' instead of __builtin_expect()
 - Keith Owens: fix 64-bit ELF types
 - Gerd Knorr: mark more broken PCI bridges, update btaudio driver
 - Paul Mackerras: powermac driver update
 - me: clean up PTRACE_DETACH to use common infrastructure

 - Neil Brown: md cleanups/fixes
 - Andrew Morton: console locking merge
 - Andrea Arkangeli: major VM merge

 - Alan Cox: continued merging
 - Mingming Cao: make msgrcv/shmat check the queue/segment ID's properly
 - Greg KH: USB serial init failure fix, Xircom serial converter driver
 - Neil Brown: nsfd/raid/md/lockd cleanups
 - Ingo Molnar: multipath RAID personality, raid xor update
 - Hugh Dickins/Marcelo Tosatti: swapin read-ahead race fix
 - Vojtech Pavlik: fix up some of the infrastructure for x86-64
 - Robert Love: AMD 761 AGP GART support
 - Jens Axboe: fix SCSI-generic queue handling race
 - me: be sane about page reference bits

 - Greg KH: start migration to new "min()/max()"
 - Roman Zippel: move affs over to "min()/max()".
 - Vojtech Pavlik: VIA update (make sure not to IRQ-unmask a vt82c576)
 - Jan Kara: quota bug-fix (don't decrement quota for non-counted inode)
 - Anton Altaparmakov: more NTFS updates
 - Al Viro: make nosuid/noexec/nodev be per-mount flags, not per-filesystem
 - Alan Cox: merge input/joystick layer differences, driver and alpha merge
 - Keith Owens: scsi Makefile cleanup
 - Trond Myklebust: fix oopsable race in locking code
 - Jean Tourrilhes: IrDA update

 - Christoph Hellwig: clean up personality handling a bit
 - Robert Love: update sysctl/vm documentation
 - make the three-argument (that everybody hates) "min()" be "min_t()",
   and introduce a type-anal "min()" that complains about arguments of
   different types. 

 - Alan Cox: big driver/mips sync
 - Andries Brouwer, Christoph Hellwig: more gendisk fixups
 - Tobias Ringstrom: tulip driver workaround for DC21143 erratum


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