September 14, 2001

Linux 2.4.10-pre9

Author: JT Smith

Linus posts the latest kernel prepatch; download from your mirror site of choice. Changelog below.
More merging with Alan, and IrDA update (and various smaller things, see


                    - Greg KH: start migration to new "min()/max()"
                    - Roman Zippel: move affs over to "min()/max()".
                    - Vojtech Pavlik: VIA update (make sure not to IRQ-unmask a vt82c576)
                    - Jan Kara: quota bug-fix (don't decrement quota for non-counted inode)
                    - Anton Altaparmakov: more NTFS updates
                    - Al Viro: make nosuid/noexec/nodev be per-mount flags, not per-filesystem
                    - Alan Cox: merge input/joystick layer differences, driver and alpha merge
                    - Keith Owens: scsi Makefile cleanup
                    - Trond Myklebust: fix oopsable race in locking code
                    - Jean Tourrilhes: IrDA update


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