October 7, 2001


Author: JT Smith

"USB and quota update.

And the fix for VM breakage in pre4." --Linus

Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 11:49:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Linus Torvalds 
To: Kernel Mailing List 

 - Keith Owens: module exporting error checking
 - Greg KH: USB update
 - Paul Mackerras: clean up wait_init_idle(), ppc prefetch macros
 - Jan Kara: quota fixes
 - Abraham vd Merwe: agpgart support for Intel 830M
 - Jakub Jelinek: ELF loader cleanups
 - Al Viro: more cleanups
 - David Miller: sparc64 fix, netfilter fixes
 - me: tweak resurrected oom handling

 - Al Viro: separate out superblocks and FS namespaces: fs/super.c fathers
 - David Woodhouse: large MTD and JFFS[2] update
 - Marcelo Tosatti: resurrect oom handling
 - Hugh Dickins: add_to_swap_cache racefix cleanup
 - Jean Tourrilhes: IrDA update
 - Martin Bligh: support clustered logical APIC for >8 CPU x86 boxes
 - Richard Henderson: alpha update


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