October 14, 2001

Linux 2.4.13-pre2 released.

Author: JT Smith

As posted on LWN, Linux 2.4.13-pre2 has been released for testing.
 - Alan Cox: more merging
 - Ben Fennema: UDF module license
 - Jeff Mahoney: reiserfs endian safeness
 - Chris Mason: reiserfs O_SYNC/fsync performance improvements
 - Jean Tourrilhes: wireless extension update
 - Joerg Reuter: AX.25 updates
 - David Miller: 64-bit DMA interfaces

 - Trond Myklebust: deadlock checking in lockd server
 - Tim Waugh: fix up parport wrong #define
 - Christoph Hellwig: i2c update, ext2 cleanup
 - Al Viro: fix partition handling sanity check.
 - Trond Myklebust: make NFS use SLAB_NOFS, and not play games with PF_MEMALLOC
 - Ben Fennema: UDF update
 - Alan Cox: continued merging
 - Chris Mason: get /proc buffer memory sizes right after buf-in-page-cache


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