October 19, 2001

Linux 2.4.13-pre5

Author: JT Smith

Linus releases the latest kernel prepatch; changelog below. Download from your favorite mirror site.
                   - Greg KH: usbnet fix
                   - Johannes Erdfelt: uhci.c bulk queueing fixes

                   - Al Viro: mnt_list init
                   - Jeff Garzik: network driver update (license tags, tulip driver)
                   - David Miller: sparc, net updates
                   - Ben Collins: firewire update
                   - Gerd Knorr: btaudio/bttv update
                   - Tim Hockin: MD cleanups
                   - Greg KH, Petko Manolov: USB updates
                   - Leonard Zubkoff: DAC960 driver update

                   - Jens Axboe: clean up duplicate unused request list
                   - Jeff Mahoney: reiserfs endianness finishing touches
                   - Hugh Dickins: some further swapoff fixes and cleanups
                   - prepare-for-Alan: move drivers/i2o into drivers/message/i2o
                   - Leonard Zubkoff: 2TB disk device fixes
                   - Paul Schroeder: mwave config enable
                   - Urban Widmark: fix via-rhine double free..
                   - Tom Rini: PPC fixes
                   - NIIBE Yutaka: SuperH update

                   - Alan Cox: more merging
                   - Ben Fennema: UDF module license
                   - Jeff Mahoney: reiserfs endian safeness
                   - Chris Mason: reiserfs O_SYNC/fsync performance improvements
                   - Jean Tourrilhes: wireless extension update
                   - Joerg Reuter: AX.25 updates
                   - David Miller: 64-bit DMA interfaces

                   - Trond Myklebust: deadlock checking in lockd server
                   - Tim Waugh: fix up parport wrong #define
                   - Christoph Hellwig: i2c update, ext2 cleanup
                   - Al Viro: fix partition handling sanity check.
                   - Trond Myklebust: make NFS use SLAB_NOFS, and not play games with PF_MEMALLOC
                   - Ben Fennema: UDF update
                   - Alan Cox: continued merging
                   - Chris Mason: get /proc buffer memory sizes right after buf-in-page-cache


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