October 26, 2001

Linux 2.4.14-pre2 now available

Author: JT Smith

Mayhem from www.linuxathome.net writes, The 2.4.14-pre2 kernel patch is now available here, below is the changelog information:

- Alan Cox: more merging
- Alexander Viro: block device module race fixes
- Richard Henderson: mmap for 32-bit alpha personality
- Jeff Garzik: 8139 and natsemi update

- Michael Warfield: computone serial driver update
- Alexander Viro: cdrom module race fixes
- David Miller: Acenic driver fix
- Andrew Grover: ACPI update
- Kai Germaschewski: ISDN update
- Tim Waugh: parport update
- David Woodhouse: JFFS garbage collect sleep


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