November 16, 2001

Linux 2.4.15-pre5 has been released.

Author: JT Smith

Dave writes that Linux kernel 2.4.15-pre5 has been released. Read more for the changelog.
- Greg KH: enable hotplug driver support

- Andrea Arcangeli: remove bogus sanity check

- David Mosberger: /proc/cpuinfo and scsi scatter-gather for ia64

- David Hinds: 16-bit pcmcia network driver updates/cleanups

- Hugh Dickins: remove some stale code from VM

- David Miller: /proc/cpuinfo for sparc, sparc fork bug fix, network fixes, warning fixes

- Peter Braam: intermezzo update

- Greg KH: USB updates

- Ivan Kokshaysky: /proc/cpuinfo for alpha

- David Woodhouse: jffs2 - remove dead code, remove gcc3 warning

- Hugh Dickins: fix kiobuf page allocation/deallocation


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