December 13, 2001

Linux 2.4.17-rc1

Author: JT Smith

Tosatti: "Hi, I've just copied 2.4.17-rc1 to Its mirroring yet, probably. Well, I want people with the "unfreeable" buffer/cache problem to confirm with me that 2.4.17-rc1 is working ok. The same change which should fix that problem also should make 2.4 a bit less 'swap happy.'"

- Finish MODULE_LICENSE fixups for fs/nls       (Mark Hymers)
- Console race fix                              (Andrew Morton/Robert Love)
- update                         (Eric S. Raymond)
- Correctly fix Direct IO bug                   (Linus Benedict Torvalds)
- Turn off aacraid debugging                    (Alan Cox)
- Added missing spinlocking in do_loopback()    (Alexander Viro)
- Added missing __devexit_p() in i82092 
  pcmcia driver                                 (Keith Owens)
- ns83820 zerocopy bugfix                       (Benjamin LaHaise)
- Fix VM problems where cache/buffers didn't get
  freed                                         (me)


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