January 24, 2002

Linux 2.4.18-pre7

Author: JT Smith

"So here goes pre7."

- Make ext2/minix/sysvfs actually operate
  synchronously on directories when using
  the sync mount option                         (Andrew Morton)
- AFFS update                                   (Roman Zippel)
- Fix 3dfx fb crash with high pixelclock        (Jurriaan on Alpha)
- PATH_MAX POSIX compliance                     (Rusty Russell)
- Really apply AMD Elan patch                   (me)
- Don't drop IP packets with less than 8 bytes 
  of payload                                    (David S. Miller)
- Netfilter update                              (Netfilter team)
- Backport 2.5 sb_bread() changes               (Alexander Viro)
- Fix AF_UNIX fd leak                           (David S. Miller)
- Add Audigy Gameport PCI ID                    (Daniel Bertrand)
- Sync with ia64 arch independant parts         (Keith Owens)
- APM fixes                                     (Stephen Rothwell)
- fs/super.c cleanups                           (Alexander Viro)


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