January 29, 2002

Linux 2.4.18pre7-ac1

Author: JT Smith

Alan Cox: "This is just a standing still release. Most of the work was actually done
by Arjan van de Ven."
Download: http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/alan/linux-2.4/2.4.18/

[+ indicates stuff that went to Marcelo, o stuff that has not, 
  * indicates stuff that is merged in mainstream now, X stuff that proved 
    bad and was dropped out] 

 Linux 2.4.18pre7-ac1 
 o        Merge with 2.4.18pre7                                (Arjan van de Ven) 
         | + some quota fixups redone by me 
         | several 18pre7 netfilter bugs left unfixed for now 
 o        Rmap-12a                                        (Rik van Riel and co) 


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