Linux 2.4.5-pre2


Author: JT Smith

Linux 2.4.5-pre2 is now available from a mirror site near you. Changelog:

                  - David Miller: network syncup (better TCP page fault handling by Andrea etc)
                  - Tim Hockin: moxa driver fixes
                  - Alexander Viro: clean up process reaping procedures, make /proc use
                    the proper fields to notice that the process is gone, gone, gone.
                  - Justin Gibbs: aic7xxx driver update to 6.1.13.
                  - me: fix PCI allocation so that it doesn't stomp on unknown memory
                  - Jeff Garzik: 8139too net drvr fix
                  - Nigel Gamble: merge page fault interrupt gate from preemtible kernel.
                    Fixes problem noticed by Brian Gerst.
                  - Jean Tourrilhes: Orinoco / Airport support diff. Mucho cleanups.

                  - Al Viro: clean up driver "invalidate_device()" mess
                  - Andries Brouwer: make sd.c work with USB Dane-Elec CompactFlash Card
                  - me: fix nasty lazy kernel page table update problem
                  - me: undo fork changes. Too many user-level bugs and unresolved issues.
                  - Peter Anvin: iso9660 cleanups
                  - Alan Cox: big merge
                  - Johannes Erdfelt: UHCI pci DMA setup fix


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