July 28, 2001

Linux 2.4.8-pre1

Author: JT Smith

The 2.4.8-pre1 Linux kernel is now available at kernel.org and soon, if not already, at your nearest mirror site. Changelog below.
                   - Anton Altaparmakov: NTFS error checking
                   - Johannes Erdfelt: USB updates
                   - OGAWA Hirofumi: FAT update
                   - Alan Cox: driver + s390 update merge
                   - Richard Henderson: fix alpha sigsuspend error return value
                   - Marcelo Tosatti: per-zone VM shortage
                   - Daniel Phillips: generic use-once optimization instead of drop-behind
                   - Bjorn Wesen: Cris architecture update
                   - Anton Altaparmakov: support for Windows Dynamic Disks
                   - James Washer: LDT loading SMP bug fix


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