August 10, 2001

Linux 2.4.8pre8aa1 released

Author: JT Smith

Andrea Arangeli releases Linux 2.4.8pre8aa1. Changelog below.

                 Only in 2.4.8pre8aa1: 00_alpha-iommu_fixup-1

                         Really reserve the last mbytes of 32bit pci space for cypress magics.

                 Only in 2.4.8pre8aa1: 00_alpha-sg_fill-1

                         When splitting one virtual consecutive sg slot into many physically
                         consecutive slots update the dma_length of ex-leader and ex-mergers

                 Only in 2.4.8pre8aa1: 00_debug-vm-lru-mm-corruption-1

                         Add debugging code, during heavy load a BUG() triggered in DEBUG_ADD_PAGE
                         in page_launder while removing a buffer from the inactive_dirty,
                         despite we cleared the inactive_dirty bitflag from the page->flags
                         some other bitflag was still set, this could be random memory corruption
                         but it could also be a race condition in the vm. Unfortunately the
                         printk in BUG() clobbered %eax so I couldn't see the contents of page->flags
                         from the bugreport so now I'm printing page->flags explicitly before
                         BUG() so next time we'll see if page->flags was just random or in which
                         other list the page was supposed to be too.

                 Only in 2.4.8pre8aa1: 00_drm_vm-1

                         Never use page->virtual directly, always use page_address(page)
                         to get that information, so we keep saving ram when highmem is
                         not selected and on 64bit archs in general.

                 Only in 2.4.8pre8aa1: 00_module-oops-1

                         Andi extracted the module_oops code from -ac, ready to be applied
                         to mainline.

                 Only in 2.4.8pre6aa1: 40_blkdev-pagecache-10
                 Only in 2.4.8pre8aa1: 40_blkdev-pagecache-11

                         Fixed trivial rejects, fsync_no_super lines.

                 Only in 2.4.8pre6aa1: 50_uml-2.4.7-3.bz2
                 Only in 2.4.8pre8aa1: 50_uml-2.4.7-5.bz2

                         Picked new -5 revision from sourceforge.



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