September 22, 2001

Linux 2.4.9-ac14

Author: JT Smith

Alan Cox: "Next batch of clean ups, Reiserfs fixes, merge the S/390 changes (the sane bits anyway)..."
Linux 2.4.9-ac14
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 03:22:46 +0100
From: Alan Cox 

                 Intermediate diffs are available from

*        Next batch of clean ups
*        Reiserfs fixes
*        Merge the S/390 changes (the sane bits anyway)

o        Fix atm alignment on IA64                       (Chas Williams)
o        Soundblaster unload oops fix                    (Matthias Hanisch)
o        NFS over tcp fixes                              (Trond Myklebust)
o        Add usb zero packet flag support to OHCI        (Roman Weissgaerber)
o        Clean up reiserfs flags usage                   (Nikita Danilov)
o        Fix reiserfs disk leak on crash case            (Nikita Danilov)
o        Fix reiserfs mount option handling              (Nikita Danilov)
o        Cosmetic reiserfs changes                       (Nikita Danilov)
o        Small fusion driver update                      (Steve Ralston)
o        Add RAID1 support promise ide raid              (Arjan van de Ven)
o        Remove duplicate DEC fb config                  (Geert Uytterhoeven)
o        PCI type 2 access type cast fixes               (Brian Gerst)
o        Add AMD761 AGP                                  (Robert Love)
o        Fix /proc/pid/maps                              (Manfred Spraul)
o        Fix 8139too pio problem                                 (Celso Gonzalez)
o        Fix SEM_UNDO wrap bug                           (me, Leonid Igolnik)
o        Add xircom/entrega single port USB              (Greg Kroah-Hartmann,
                                                         Brian Warner,
                                                         Cristian Craciunescu)
o        ISOfs transparent compression, unify zlib       (H Peter Anvin)
         somewhat (lots more to do there!)
o        Correct usbvideo reported procfs name           (Jonas Munsin)
o        SMP safe Z85230 driver                          (me)
o        Merge saner parts of S/390 code drop


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