January 1, 2002

Linux 2.5.1-dj10

Author: JT Smith

Dave Jones: "Next bunch of pending fixes and the likes. Now that the merging has
started, some bits are also getting dropped."
Patch against 2.5.1 vanilla is available from:

Enjoy, and happy new year,
  -- Davej.

o   Sync against 2.5.2-pre5
o   Remove one of the NFS changes. Better fix in mainline.      (Me)
o   Add switch to enable 486 string copies.                     (Me)
    | 486 users please try this out, and give feedback
    | so we can see how broken this actually is.
    | It's in the 'kernel hacking' menu.
o   JFFS2 corruption fix.                       (David Woodhouse)
o   Bridging CONFIG_INET cleanup.               (Lennert Buytenhek)
o   Briding recursion bugfix.                   (Lennert Buytenhek)
o   Fix up port state handling.                 (Lennert Buytenhek)
o   Improved fbdev init.                        (James Simmons)
o   PNPOS simple bootflag fix.                  (Thomas Hood)
o   Drop most of the USB changes on Greg's request.
    | Newer versions should appear in -linus soon.
    | Some bits still remain, but if I've broke it, blame
        | me and not Greg.
o   Experimental preload_cache() function.      (Me)
o   Ugly hack to file_read_actor() to use the above     (Me)
    | Just playing, this needs more work.


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