December 17, 2001

Linux 2.5.1-dj2

Author: JT Smith

Dave Jones: "Keeping the ball rolling.. Fix up some merge errors, scoop
up another bunch of pending fixes, and back out some problem bits
for now."
Patch is available from:

Some of these fixes still haven't found their way back to Marcelo yet
but should show up in 2.4.17-rc2 / 2.4.18pre1 with any luck.

o   bio fixes for qlogicfas.                    (
o   Correct x86 CPU helptext.                   (Me)
o   Fix serial.c __ISAPNP__ usage.              (Andrey Panin)
o   Use better ide-floppy fixes.                (Jens Axboe)
o   Make NFS 'fsx' proof.                       (Trond Mykelbust)
    | 2 races & 4 bugs, hopefully this is all.
o   devfs update                                (Richard Gooch)
o   Backout early CPU init, needs more work.    (Me)
    | This should fix several strange reports.
o   drop new POSIX kill semantics for now       (Me)


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