December 27, 2001

Linux 2.5.1-dj6

Author: JT Smith

Dave Jones: "-ENOMORETURKEY, so here goes with more resyncing, more backlogged fixes,

and some pending experimental bits that should end up Linuswards soon.

This is a fairly big merge, so it may take another release or two to

shake out any merge errors."

Patch against 2.5.1 vanilla is available from:

Some of the fixes still haven't found their way back to Marcelo yet

but should show up in 2.4.18pre1 with any luck.


  -- Davej.


o   Merge 2.5.2pre2

    | Includes updated for 2.5 SCSI debug driver.       (Douglas Gilbert)

o   Merge 2.4.18pre1

o   Missing include in sunrpc sched.c                   (David S. Miller)

o   Remove incorrect devinit's from bttv & USB.         (Andrew Morton)

o   Remove redundant EISA_bus__is_a_macro macro.        (Me)

o   Split visws support to setup-visws.c                (Me)

    | Can someone with one of these beasts test this, and maybe

    | even *gulp* maintain it ?

o   pc110pad spinlock thinko                            (Peter T. Breuer)

o   Fix reiserfs + highmem possible oops.               (Oleg Drokin)

o   Fix reiserfs fsx breakage.                          (Oleg Drokin)

o   Make IPV6 accept timestamps in response to SYNs.    (Alexey Kuznetsov)

o   NCR5380_timer_fn needs to be static.                (Rasmus Andersen)

o   CONFIG_SERIAL_ACPI is IA64 only.                    (Me)


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