December 28, 2001

Linux 2.5.1-dj7

Author: JT Smith

Dave Jones: "More merging, some pending fixes for various drivers, and some small
experimental bits that could use a little more testing.
Manfreds changes for eg have been around for a while, and no-one has
screamed yet, so these either need more testing, or are perfect 8-)
Lets try and prove the latter.."
Patch against 2.5.1 vanilla is available from:

Some of the fixes still haven't found their way back to Marcelo yet
but should show up in a later 2.4.18pre with any luck.

  -- Davej.

o   Merge 2.5.2pre3
    | Drop some of the reiserfs changes. Looks like -dj has
    | a more complete set of fixes from 2.4. This is getting
    | a little hairy, so handle with care.
o   Make rootfs compile.                                (Me)
o   Dynamically grow LDT.                               (Manfred Spraul)
o   Randomness for ext2 generation numbers.             (Manfred Spraul)
o   Give Manfreds threaded coredump a retry.            (Manfred Spraul)
o   Add missing ad1484 formats.                         (Alan Cox)
o   Make ide-floppy compile without PROC_FS.            (Robert Love)
o   generic_serial, rio_linux, serial_tx3912,           (Rasmus Andersen)
    sh-sci and sx drivers janitor work.
o   opl3sa2 Power management support & update.          (Zwane Mwaikambo)
    | Add Zwane to MAINTAINERS for this too.
o   Fix buggy MODINC i2o_config macro.                  (Andreas Dilger)
o   Cyclades driver /proc/ioports oops fix.             (Andrew Morton)
    | Untested afaik, but looks sane.
    | rmmod cyclades.o ; cat /proc/ioports to see if this works.
o   SX driver, DCD-HylaFAX problem solved.              (Heinz-Ado Arnolds)
o   Only look in 1KB of EBDA for MP table.              (Zwane Mwaikambo) 
    | Follows the MP1.4 Spec closer, let me know of any
    | SMP problems if any with this change.
o   Better fix for the sunrpc 'missing include'.        (David Woodhouse)
o   Remove bogus  includes.              (David Woodhouse)
o   ps2esdi spinlock typo.                              (Me)


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