December 29, 2001

Linux 2.5.1-dj8

Author: JT Smith

Dave Jones: "Mixed bag of goodies this time."

Patch against 2.5.1 vanilla is available from:

Some of the fixes still haven't found their way back to Marcelo yet
but should show up in a later 2.4.18pre with any luck.

  -- Davej.

o   Remove leftover EISA cruft in x86 ksyms.            (Me)
o   Add a missing part of the split visws support.      (Me)
o   Make reiserfs partitions mountable again.           (Al Viro,
                                                         Andrew Morton, Me)
o   Make x86 math emulation work with dynamic LDT.      (Manfred Spraul)
o   Fix problems with tdfxfb & high pixelclocks.        (Jurriaan)
    | Only tested on PCI 4500, feedback to
o   Replace text.lock with .subsection                  (Keith Owens)
o   Remove Cyrix SLOP workaround.                       (Me)
    | Can be done in userspace/initramfs.
o   Merge pnpbios support.                              (Thomas Hood)
    | Should work, but may be nice to bend into shape
    | to fit the new driverfs model at some point.


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