December 27, 2001

Linux 2.5.2-pre3

Author: JT Smith Looks like there was still a little bit of work to be done before 2.5.2.
 - Christoph Hellwig: scsi_register_module cleanup
 - Mikael Pettersson: apic.c LVTERR fixes
 - Russell King: ARM update (including bio update for icside)
 - Jens Axboe: more bio updates
 - Al Viro: make ready to switch bread away from kdev_t..
 - Davide Libenzi: scheduler cleanups
 - Anders Gustafsson: LVM fixes for bio
 - Richard Gooch: devfs update

 - Al Viro: task-private namespaces, more cleanups

 - me: revert the "kill(-1..)" change.  POSIX isn't that clear on the
   issue anyway, and the new behaviour breaks things.
 - Jens Axboe: more bio updates
 - Al Viro: rd_load cleanups. hpfs mount fix, mount cleanups
 - Ingo Molnar: more raid updates
 - Jakub Jelinek: fix Linux/x86 confusion about arg passing of "save_v86_state" and "do_signal"
 - Trond Myklebust: fix NFS client race conditions


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