February 10, 2002

Linux 2.5.3-dj5

Author: JT Smith

Dave Jones: "Back in sync with Linus, and another bunch of pending items.
Several janitor style patches also pending, which will go in -dj6.
Quite a bit of stuff from -dj went into pre4 & pre5, with more set
to appear in pre6. Network driver updates have also gone to Jeff,
(A few remaining bits to send), so in all, diffsize against 2.5.4 final
should hopefully shrink quite a bit."
Patch against 2.5.3 vanilla is available from:

 -- Davej.

o   Merge 2.5.4pre5
o   Add some missing MODULE_LICENSE tags        (Hubert Mantel)
o   Fix ptrace PEEKUSR oops.                    (Manfred Spraul,
o   Drop some bogus bits from USB & netdrivers. (Me)
o   sbpcd bio fixes.                            (Paul Gortmaker)
o   pci id trigraph warning fixes.              (Steven J. Hill)
o   Tridentfb resource management fixes.        (Geert Uytterhoeven)
o   53c700 locking cleanup.                     (James Bottomley)
o   Workaround ext2 trying to free block -1     (Andreas Dilger)
o   Fix up deviceio Docbook generation.         (Jason Ferguson)
o   removal of isa_read/writes from ibmtr.      (Mike Phillips)
o   kthread abstraction.                        (Christoph Hellwig)


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