February 27, 2002

Linux 2.5.5-dj1

Author: JT Smith

Dave Jones: "Mostly just syncing with Linus, plus the next round of small bits.
I backed out the IDE changes for various reasons, handle with
care in case I missed something."

Patch against 2.5.5 vanilla is available from:

By popular request, the curious can now find most of what
was merged in each release at http://www.codemonkey.org.uk/patches/merged/

 -- Davej.

o   Merge 2.5.5 final.
    | Backout broken IDE changes.
o   Implement proper locking in ALSA lseek methods.     (Robert Love)
o   Document lseek locking.                             (Robert Love)
o   ALSA + YMFPCI compile fixes.                        (Stelian Pop)
o   Further console reentrancy work.                    (James Simmons)
o   NFS compile fix.                                    (Neil Brown)
o   Fix up some strsep changes from last time.          (René Scharfe)
o   tmpfs link-count on dir rename fixes.               (Christoph Rohland)
o   USB vicam driver build fixes.                       (Greg KH)
o   Split up terminal emulation.                        (James Simmons)
o   Fix scsi_merge crash-on-boot problem.               (Jens Axboe)


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