August 6, 2006

Linux: 2.6.16.y Lives On

In December of 2005, Adrian Bunk announced his intention to maintain the 2.6.16 kernel indefinitely, maintaining it much the same as the 2.4 kernel is maintained for as long as it is used and patches are contributed. Greg KH recently announced that Adrian is now taking over the 2.6.16-stable branch, "he will still be following the same -stable rules that are documented in the Documentation/stable_kernel_rules.txt file, but just doing this for the 2.6.16 kernel tree for a much longer time than the current stable team is willing to do (we have moved on to the 2.6.17 kernel now.)" He went on to caution, "and I'd like to offer my best wishes to Adrian for doing this work. Personally I don't think it can be done for all that long of an amount of time, and I will be very happy to see him prove me wrong :)"

Link: KernelTrap

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