July 14, 2008

Linux 2.6.26 Opens Up to Debugging

Author: JT Smith

No piece of software is immune to defects, which is why it's important to use tools that help find and fix bugs.

That's the idea with the new Linux 2.6.26 kernel, which is providing the Linux ecosystem with an integrated kernel debugger to help improve the open source operating system.

The 2.6.26 kernel continues the relentless release cycle of Linux kernels adding new features and driver support that help expand the operating system's capabilities.

"The most surprising change was the addition of KGDB after discussions on kernel debuggers had gone on for a while," Dr. Gerald Pfeifer, director of inbound product management at Novell, told InternetNews.com. "This will prove very useful in handling some hard support situations and nicely complements the KDB kernel debugger that Novell has been shipping for years."

Link: internetnews.com


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