April 10, 2015

Linux 4.0 Brings Skynet Closer to Existence, Offers Reboot-Free Kernel Patching

Linux 4.0 is almost upon us! Itâs codenamed âHurr durr Iâma sheep.â Yes, seriously. Linux kernels have weird codenames.

Setting aside the head-scratching title, Linux 4.0 isnât a massive change from Linux 3.19. It would have been named Linux 3.20, but lots of people wanted to see Linux 4.0. As Linus Torvalds himself said, âthe strongest argument for some people advocating 4.0 seems to have been a wish to see 4.1.15 - because âthat was the version of Linux Skynet used for the T-800 Terminator.ââ

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