March 18, 2016

Linux 4.6 Staging Has 1600+ Patches, ~400 Patches From Outreachy

Greg Kroah-Hartman on Thursday submitted his pull request of the staging area changes for targeting the Linux 4.6 kernel. Greg noted in the pull request, "Lots of little things here, over 1600 patches or so. [Notable] is all of the good Lustre work happening, those developers have finally woken up and are cleaning up their code greatly. The Outreachy intern application process is also happening, which brought in another 400 or so patches. Full details are in the very long shortlog." 

So it looks like almost a quarter of the patches are from Outreachy, the group providing paid internships for women and other "underrepresented groups in tech" to work on the Linux kernel and related open-source projects.

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