January 28, 2004

Linux Aims For ISO Status

Aiming to propel Linux to the status of an official international standard, the Free Standards Group (FSG) Thursday is set to announce it has folded
support for C++ and Fortran into its Linux code base.

That combination of operating system and language technology, dubbed the Linux Standard Base (LSB) 2.0, is expected to garner International Standards
Organization (ISO) approval around mid-2005, according to the FSG.

"We're submitting LSB 2.0 for public review (to the open-source community) and when that comes back, we'll submit it for ISO certification so it will
be an international standard," Scott McNeil, executive director of the FSG, told internetnews.com.

The open-source review should be completed late this year. LSB 2.0 will then take about six months to wend its way through the ISO process.

Link: internetnews.com


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